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Ericsson’s Bar

''The bar of the many people'' was the vision when we opened the doors for Ericsson's bar in Lund in May 2020. With a familiar, happy and often fast-paced atmosphere, Ericsson's is the place for you who are going out for an afterwork, celebrate that the exam is completed, or simply just to hang out with friends (and us who work of course).

During our first years, we have grown together with our guests and together with them have managed to fight our way through the first tough years the bar has had through the pandemic at the time. This start has given us a solid foundation where community has become one of our most important values. This has come to design our range of both food and drink, where several different types of flavors are treated. You can read more about both categories here on the website!

We hope to see you here soon!



  • Nachos 79:-

    Served with melted cheese, red onion, jalapenos and dipping sauces.
    Party size (for up to four people) +20:-

  • Snack basket 99:-

    Contains mozzarella sticks, onion rings, chili cheese, camembert bites & garlic mayo

Main courses

  • Classic burger 129:-

    Made with prime rib mince served on brioche bread together with mixed salad, tomato, red onion, umami mayo with cucumber mix, cheddar & bacon

  • Halloumi burger (vegetarian) 129:-

    Halloumi served on brioche bread with mixed salad, tomato, grilled red onion, and sweet chili mayo

  • The Vegan 129:-

    Beetroot paddy served on gluten-free bread together with mixed salad, tomato, grilled red onion & BBQ sauce

  • Chicken burger 129:-

    Made of chicken marinated in soy sauce and lemon served on brioche bread together with mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion and kimchi mayo

  • Spicy Cheeseburger 139:-

    Made of minced rib served on brioche bread together with mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion, two slices of cheddar, srirascha mayo and jalapeno

  • BBQ burger 139:-

    Made of minced rib served on brioche bread together with mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheddar, bacon, BBQ sauce and creamy smoked cheese

  • Extras

    French fries +15:- Sweet potato fries +20:- Extra sauce small +10:- Extra sauce large +15:-


  • Sweet Tooth 79:-

    Brioche bread filled with cream, homemade ice cream & berry sauce

  • Lava cake 89:-

    Chocolate fondant served with berry sauce, homemade ice cream & meringue

Have a drink

On tap







40cl 49:- | 50cl 59:- | 60cl 69:,-





40cl 69:- | 50cl 85:-



Stella Artois

40cl 69:- | 50cl 85:-



The Tail Of A Whale

40cl 69:- | 50cl 85:-



Guest tap

40cl 75:- | 50cl 89:-



Ship Full of Ipa

40cl 75:- | 50cl 89:-



Goose IPA

40cl 75:- | 50cl 89:-



Murphy Stout

50cl 85:-



50cl 85:-



50cl 85:-


on bottle


  • Heineken 59:-
  • Blue Moon 69:-
  • Daura Damm (Non Gluten) 65:-
  • Duvel 89:-
  • Modelo 69:-
  • Modelo Negra 69:-
  • Mariestad 50cl 72:-
  • Paulaner Weissbier 50cl 89:-


  • Briska pear on tap 59:-
  • Strongbow 69:-


  • Sellow Raspberry 59:-


Red wine

  • House red 69:-/259:-

  • Coto Mayor Crianza 89:-/339:-

    Spain, Rioja

  • Torre Del Falasco Valpolicella 99:-/379:-

    Italy, Valpolicella Ripasso DOC

  • Famiglia Pasqua Amarone della 899:-

    Italy, Valpoliccella DOCG Ecological

White wine

  • House white 69:-/259:-

  • Even & Odd Riesling 79:-/299:-

    Germany, Rheingau

  • El Coto 875m Chardonnay 99:-/379:-

    Spain, Rioja

Rosé wine

  • House rosé 69:-/259:-
  • Miradou Rosé 89:-/339:-

    France, Provence

Mousserande viner

  • Moët & Chandon Brut Rosé 999:-
  • Moët & Chandon Imerial Magnum 1899:-

ericsson´s rekommenderar

  • Aqua & Tonic 99:-/135:-

    Hven Knuts Aquavit, Tonic

  • Blackcurrant Delight 99:-/135:-

    Hven Blackcurrant vodka, Lime juice, Sprite

  • Ginger Spritz 145:-

    Martini Fiero, Ginger Beer, Lime juice

  • Coco Colada Spritz 145:-

    Bacardi Coconut, Pineapple juice, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Soda

  • Lavender 75 145:-

    Hven Sloe Gin, Lavender Syrup, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Egg white, Martini Prosecco

  • Organic Summer 145:-

    Hven Organic Summer Schnapps, Simple syrup, Lime juice, Rosewater, Strawberry purée, Passionfruit juice, Sprite

  • Black Summer 145:-

    Johnnie Walker black label, ST Germain, Soda

  • Campfire Sour 145:-

    Johnnie Walker Black Label, Lemon Juice, Simple syrup, Egg White, Roasted Marshmallow

  • Red Sour 145:-

    Campari, Martini Rosso, Lemon juice, Simple syrup, Egg white

  • Sloe Gin Fizz 145:-

    Hven Sloe Gin, Lemon Juice, Simple syrup, Egg White, Soda

Härliga klassiker

  • Margarita 145:-

    Tequila, Cointreau, Lime juice

  • Cosmopolitan 145:-

    Eristoff Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry juice, Lime juice, Simple syrup

  • Mojito 145:-

    Bacardi Carta Blanca, Lime juice, Mint, Simple syrup, Soda

  • Mai Tai 165:-

    Bacardi Carta Blanca, Bacardi Negra, Cointreau, Amaretto, Orange juice, Lime juice, Grenadine

  • Aperol Spritz 145:-

    Aperol, Prosecco Martini, Soda

  • White Lady 145:-

    Bombay Sapphire, Cointreau, Lemon juice

  • Old Fashioned 165:-

    Bourbon, Angostura Bitters, Simple syrup

  • Negroni 140:-

    Campari, Martini Rosso, Bombay Sapphire

  • Dark´n Stormy 99:-/135:-

    Bacardi Negra, Ginger Beer, Angostura Bitters, Lime juice

  • Espresso Martini 145:-

    Eristoff Vodka, Kahlua, Espresso

  • Caipirinha 145:-

    Cachaca Limejuice, Simple syrup

  • Long Island Iced Tea 200:-

    Eristoff Vodka, Bombay Sapphire, Tequila, Bacardi Carta Blanca, Cointreau, Lime juice, Coca-Cola